We are pleased to announce the newest additions to our team. The Marketing, Machine Learning and Optical Design, and Business Development teams have been expanded by remarkable individuals to strengthen and grow Neurescence Inc.

Joining the Marketing team is Madison (Bomin) Kim and Maaha Chaudhry. Madison is a Masters of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization candidate at McMaster University. During her four years of undergraduate in Health Sciences, she has had the privilege to expand her biochemical knowledge as well as business acumen. Madison has a great enthusiasm for biochemical sciences and entrepreneurship and is working towards providing a further edge in the biotechnology sector using her interdisciplinary skill sets.


Maaha is also a candidate for a Masters of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization. She has had the opportunity to explore various facets of biochemical and entrepreneurial concepts in her education and past work experiences. She is able to solve commercial conundrums using a multi-faceted approach by combining both science and business viewpoints.

The Machine Learning and Optical Design team is being joined by Tina Mahmoudi, Zihao Li and Daniel Cao. After obtaining her degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering, Tina is now pursuing a Masters in Engineering at University of Toronto’s Biomedical Engineering Institute. She believes that the best ideas come from the intersection of multiple fields, which is why she is grateful to be in a field that combines healthcare and engineering, as well as a part of Neurescence’s diverse team.


Zihao is a candidate for a Bachelor of Optical Engineering and Minor in Electrical Engineering at University of Rochester. During his undergraduate years, he has had opportunities to expand his optical knowledge by participating in quantum and biomedical optics research. He wants to pursue a further education in Biomedical Engineering and believes that engineering and technologies can make people’s lives ever better.


Daniel completed his undergraduate degree in Medical Science at Western University. As an undergraduate student, he worked for a few summers as part of a neuroimaging research laboratory. Currently, he is completing a Master’s degree program at the University of Toronto in Biomedical Engineering and working as a software developer for machine learning at Neurescence. He is excited to bring his multidisciplinary background and skillset to the team.

Tameem Quader and Aryan Ghaffarizadeh are coming on board the Business Development Team. Tameem is a Masters of Biomedical Discovery and Commercialization student. He has gained diverse perspectives from experiences in both science and business-related capacities that he hopes to continue applying to solve complex health challenges. He is also an eager learner and is always seeking avenues to grow his skill set within the biotechnology space.


Aryan obtained a Bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Health Sciences from McMaster University. During his undergraduate studies, he conducted research in Clinical Epidemiology and hopes to integrate his background with biotechnology development to alleviate complex healthcare problems. Currently, as a Business Development Intern, he is excited to be working with the multidisciplinary team to expand Neurescence’s scope within the clinical market.


A notable thank you to BioTalent Canada and the University of Rochester for their efforts in accessing this talent.