Rewire Neuro and Neurescence are partnering to enhance fluorescence calcium imaging of the nervous system with cutting edge neuronal segmentation and analysis capability.

Neurescence Inc. (Toronto, Canada), the manufacturer of MultiscopesTM, and Rewire Neuro, Inc. (Portland, Oregon), a provider of artificial intelligence software development services (“AI-a-a-S”) announced their strategic development partnership today. With the aim to optimize the automated analysis workflow for neuroscientists, this technology integration utilizes deep learning to rapidly improve detection and quantification of neuronal activity while reducing the processing time of data-dense brain recordings. Videos that would previously take 2 weeks to be processed now result in neuronal detection in 30 minutes with double the accuracy compared to the existing automated neuronal segmentation methods in the market.

Dr. Yasaman Soudagar, CEO of Neurescence, said: “Our current software offers a seamless manual method to contour neurons and accurately extract neuronal traces. Our partnership with Rewire Neuro is truly impactful because it enables us to add a refined automated workflow to our capabilities. It will allow scientists to extract accurate neuronal activity traces from 1000s of neurons and readily analyze them for a wide range of neuroscience experiments.”

Dr. John Harkness, CEO of Rewire Neuro, commented: “I am thrilled to work with Neurescence to add rapid and accurate automated detection of neurons in calcium imaging brain movies to the upcoming Neurescence novel data analysis platform by implementing Rewire’s cutting edge machine learning and computational image processing system. We have the ability to transform a two-week processing requirement into a matter of minutes, with a high degree of signal detection accuracy, which enables users to move forward with analysis faster and with more accurate data.”

About Neurescence Inc.: Neurescence is the leading neuroimaging and optical neuromodulation company with the aim to accelerate neuroscience research and discovery through advanced technologies that enable the understanding of neuronal circuit mechanisms. This is a significant contribution to the effort to improve living for people with mental illnesses and neurological disorders and their families.

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About Rewire Neuro, Inc.: Rewire develops and sells custom AI software for image analysis and cell detection. Founded in 2019 by Dr. John Harkness, Rewire Neuro is an emerging technology company based in Portland, Oregon applying novel AI solutions to solve efficiency and human error problems within the biotech industry. Their mission is to make scientific discoveries more accessible and efficient through the use of computer vision AI.

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