Application Scientist

Neurescence is a dynamic start-up in Toronto looking for an Application Scientist!
We have developed and commercialized a miniature microscope initially targeted to the
neuroscience research market. Our Quartet® system probes are implanted in multiple regions
of the brain and spinal cord and follow the activities of 100s of neurons in each region for
months, while the subject freely moves around. Our Chromatone ™ system enable
simultaneous imaging and stimulation of multiple subpopulations of neurons and in multiple
brain areas. Our hardware-software suite is the only technology that allows establishing a
causal connection between the experimental parameter and behavior, at both the local and
long-range neuronal level.
This extremely powerful approach allows simultaneous multi-region calcium imaging and
stimulation in freely behaving animals.
As a part of our growing start-up team, you will gain valuable experience in many facets of
building a company and each team member is entrusted with many exciting and versatile
activities. Your main responsibilities will be:

  • perfecting your surgical skills for implanting the Quartet® and Chromatone ™ probes
    for calcium imaging and stimulation
  • travelling to customer sites to provide training
  • helping with literature search and preparation of neuroscience related technical
    material as needed by the business development team
  • interacting with the product development team by providing input for product
    specifications and usability

Must haves:

  • ability to travel internationally 25% of the time
  • ability to work independently
  • at least 5 years of experience performing survival surgeries in mice (e.g.
    optogenetics, e-phys, photometry or calcium imaging)
  • accustomed to writing detailed lab notes, protocols and research documents
  • accustomed to frequently report, in writing, to supervisor
  • excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • PhD in Neuroscience or related field, preferably focused on behavioral work with

MITACS eligible – IRAP Youth employment program eligible
Please send your full CV to
Dr. Yasaman Soudagar, Founder/CEO