Study of neuronal circuit dynamics from multiple brain or spinal cord regions

Chromatone™ is a multiscope™ for simultaneous multi-region, multi-color stimulation and neuronal imaging in freely behaving animals, accompanied by its software package.


    • Allows functional imaging of neuronal circuits with optogenetic manipulation in up to four brain or spinal cord areas.
    • Enables the simultaneous recording of neurons at cellular resolution.
    • Capabilities of Quartet® and more.

Included with purchase:

    • Hands-on-surgical training
    • Neuronal trace extraction support
    • Device synchronization with other behavior equipment

GFP & RFP Imaging and Channelrhodopsin & ChrimsonR Optogenetic Stimulation

  • Power level emitted for each wavelength can be independently controlled in each imaging fiber optics.


  • Optogenetics protocols can be set by users independently and trigger off to perform behavioral tasks.


Illumination colors in each fiber optic

470 +/- 12 nm (GFP, Channelrhodopsin optogenetics)

550 +/- 7.5 nm (RFP)

632 +/- 14 nm (ChrimsonR optogenetics)

Illumination power range at tissue

470 nm: 0 to 6 mW

550 nm: 0 to 1 mW

632 nm: 0 to 2 mW

Illumination mode for each wavelengthGreen: CW for imaging (can be pulsed, if required)
Blue: Pulse, can get triggered and executes the Optogenetics protocol set by user
Red: Pulse, can get triggered and executes the Optogenetics protocol set by user
Optical Resolution7 µm
Focusing Range or Working Distance250 µm in brain tissue
Number of Imaging Probes4
Diameter of GRIN Lens to ImplantCustomizable between 0.5 mm to 1 mm
Available Length of Lens to Enter Brain TissueCustomizable between 2.5 mm to 8 mm
Field of View in Each RegionApproximately the same as the lens diameter
Weight of Connector and Lens< 400 mg
Approx Weight of each Fibre Bundle Carried by Animal< 1 g
Bending Radius of Fiber Bundles3 cm
Length of Imaging Fiber Bundles 84 cm
Detection Wavelength517 +/- 13 nm and 590 +/- 20 nm
Image Size per Frame3.2 megapixels
Number of Frames per Second20 in continuous mode, 140 in burst mode
Length of Camera Electric Wire2 meters
Length of LED Wire1.5 meter